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Lugu Farmers’ Association Award Winning Dong Ding Oolong Tea (75g)

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Size: 75g

Tasting Notes:
The character of this tea represents a classic quality Dong Ding Oolong. It has a slightly sweet, toasted nutty aroma with a rich, complex fruit compote flavor profile and a heady, long lasting finish.

This batch of tea was entered in the winter 2018 Lugu Farmers' Association Dong Ding Oolong Tea Competition last month, and received 2nd Place Category Award. This means that it ranked within the top 8% of 6,777 overall entries! Our friend who won this award also won several other awards, including 3rd Place Award, and two Top Place Category (within the top 2%) Awards! He has consistently won the highest ranking awards in most of Taiwan's tea competitions. 

The winter growing season typically produces greater variations in new leaf growth. In preparing competition batches of tea, not only do the stems need to be removed, but the leaves need to be sorted as well. This means that any overly mature leaves are removed, and there are more of these in winter than spring. The end result is that there is a much smaller remainder of winter competition batches than in spring. In the case of this batch there is less than 2kg! So that's all we have of this tea to offer!

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