Jasmine Flower Oolong Tea


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  • Flavor: Jasmine flower aroma. Balanced, mildly sweet, delicate floral character. Clean, refreshing finish.

    Garden: This source is the most innovative and progressive tea producer we know. A husband and wife team cooperate with neighboring farmers to produce an impressive array of organically cultivated tea in the historical tea growing region of Songbolin in Nantou County. From wild and heirloom tea strains to modern hybrid cultivars of tea, they have researched and developed eclectic processing methods to make some unique styles of tea. This is the first source from whom we've been inspired to offer flower tea blends. Their ideology of natural farming methods combined with their comprehensive knowledge of tea production inspires us to represent their extraordinary teas.

    Harvest: Machine harvested, medium batch, summer 2020, Songboling, Taiwan.

    Elevation: 400m

    Brewing: 9g in 300ml 95°C water, steep for 3 minutes. Re-steep. Adjust to taste.

  • This batch of tea was made from a combination of naturally grown Tsui Yu and Four Seasons Spring tea leaves. These tea types are most commonly produced as a "green Oolong" where the leaves are lightly oxidized and left unroasted. The floral and herbal characters of these teas have been mellowed by substantial oxidation but maintain their complex aroma and smooth, palatable, refreshing character as a more traditionally made Oolong.

    These leaves were infused with hand-picked Jasmine flowers in a post production process. The distinct yet compatible qualities of a flower essence combined with a rich, well oxidized Oolong character offer a very interesting and satisfying brew. We've discovered that this tea works equally well as a cold brew or a hot brew. The beauty of this batch of tea is that you can sit down and brew it Gongfu style and marvel at the intricacies of a traditionally made Oolong combined with a flower essence to produce a heady, complex brew. Or you can just toss some of these leaves and flowers in your water bottle and let it sit for a couple hours at room temperature or in the fridge overnight, and enjoy it all day.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Xie manage their cooperative of certified organic tea farms in a way that combines tradition with an eclectic knowledge of tea production. They have an integrated understanding of what works in terms of tea cultivation and processing as well as consumer market trends. After visiting them numerous times in their home and gradually learning of their overall production that was warranted by our relentless questions, we discovered this tea type which is unique in our knowledge of tea making.

    This batch of tea is a combination of Four Seasons Spring and Tsui Yu tea leaves that were mixed lightly roasted, and then blended with Jasmine flowers in a post-production infusion process. We've tried several tea blends from this source, and despite the fact that we have been tea purists up to now, we've finally been convinced that tea blends are well worth sharing when they are made with the right ingredients and prepared with world-class skill and knowledge of tea making. It's the balance of a significantly oxidized, traditionally made Oolong with a distinct flower essence that is consistently satisfying, either hot or cold, that has compelled us to put this tea on our shelf!

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for!

Very much enjoyed the smooth balance of the oolong and jasmine flavors in this tea. The floral balance remained after re-steeping, which was great.

Lacking Jasmine

Its a very smooth Oolong with small hints of jasmine. However if you enjoy the bitterness of a true jasmine tea. This is not it. To full enjoy this tea you need to 50/50 mix with jasmine tea.

Hi Connor,
Thanks for your purchase and for taking the time to post a review!
If you are looking for particularly prominent jasmine notes, we understand that this may not be your best option. As purveyors of specialty loose leaf teas from Taiwan, we prefer to source flower blends that are more subtle — offering the primary Oolong flavor profile, with highlights of the flower essence. This is in contrast to what is commonly offered on the market. Our jasmine tea is made with whole jasmine flowers that are blended with tea leaves in an extensive process to extract the flower essence from the leaves. As we understand it, this is not the way most jasmine tea blends on the market are produced. Both natural extracts and artificial flavorings are commonly sprayed onto the tea leaves, resulting it very prominent floral notes for the initial brews only. We feel that the subtle floral notes resulting from whole flowers being blended with whole tea leaves is superior. But, in the end, it all comes down to a personal preference! Thanks again for your support!


Love this tea in the afternoon when I'm feeling decadent! Bright & floral, but not overpowering. Great info about the farm as well

Heavenly tea!

This was my first time trying jasmine flower oolong. I found the tea to be heaven in a cup. The floral notes are pleasantly pronounced. The tea is so delightful to sip. I definitely recommend it!!

Love love LOVE it!

This stuff is lovely but you have to be a jasmine fan because it's the primary flavor. It definitely overtakes the oolong. I prefer that though. This will be a definite reorder along with the roasted tsui yu :)