Art Deco Teapot

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The eclectic design of this Art Deco Teapot makes it one-of-a-kind! It is both stylish and compact, with a full 200mL capacity! The fact that it has neither a protruding spout nor handle makes it very travel friendly in that it packs well and is less delicate. The twine-wrapped handles on the rim in combination with the inset lid and sieve spout make it much easier to maneuver than a gaiwan. We find it to be replete with both a funky retro personality and practicality — and at a great price! And it's a perfect match with our Celadon Tea Cup!

It has a classic light green celadon type glaze that is semi-transparent, and will develop a classic crackle with use over time. The sand colored ceramic body is visible at the ridges in the decorative design of the teapot, as well as its rim. It has a glazed interior. Only the inner lid and the "feet" of the teapot are unglazed. Celadon is known to retain heat well, which makes it particularly suitable for hardier and tightly rolled tea types. We find that teapots with more spherical ( as opposed wide, squat) body shapes offer optimal brewing results.

We discovered this teapot when we visited a local tea merchant who has been importing Pu Er tea to Taiwan for decades. He literally has warehouses full of tea and teaware in a seemingly very unsystematic manner. In a word, it's a tea geek's dream come true! He just happened to pull one of these pots out of a box to show us a random sample of his goods. We took it home and have used it for a while, and it is now our dedicated picnic teapot!

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