White Porcelain Gong Fu Teapot


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This user-friendly teapot combines the tried-and-true classic Chinese design of a small Gong Fu teapot with modern Western aesthetic. It's got a nice shape and feel, with an easy pour. Porcelain works well for brewing any type of tea, and the glazed finish will not absorb tea flavors, so it does not need to be limited to any one tea type.

Its 155ml capacity is suitable for serving up to four. This pot can be paired with our tea pitcher and cups that are the same ceramic and color.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Adams
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Likes: Quality material and reliable shipping!
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Great Teapot

It’s small, but we refill it a few times. It’s good porcelain and my wife loves it.

J. Blouin
Just the right match!

I bought that teapot to taste several kinds of tea. It’s just the right size for my needs and was exactly what I was looking for. Even if the lid isn’t a perfect fit, it does a fine job! Happy to have it!

William Hicks
Great little Teapot!

I bought this as a gift for a my daughter who wanted her own teapot that she could use for any type of tea, and not worry about flavors being absorbed, so clay was not an option. It's a beautiful teapot and works great for the price. But don't expect a perfectly fitting lid or pour as I would only expect those features on a more expensive unit, perhaps even handmade. It needed a little cleaning when it arrived but did so quite nicely with no cosmetic flaws. The size was perfect as well. Small enough for gongfu brewing, but large enough to get 2 or 3 small cups worth per brew. If you're looking for a teapot alternative to a gaiwan, I'd say this will do the job nicely!