Eco-Cha Teas Taiwan Tea Sampler pack in a box on a wooden table with a tea tasting guide beside it.

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Eco-Cha Teas Taiwan Tea Sampler with tea brewing guide

Win a Free Taiwan Tea Sampler!

This sampler provides a broad spectrum of flavors representing the types of tea that have made Taiwan famous for its specialty teas.

It has a delicate and refined Green Tea, three distinctly flavored unroasted Oolong Teas, two roasted Oolongs, a Black Tea, and a brewing guide. It's a fun, satisfying, and educational way to explore the world of Taiwan teas!

A US$33 value!

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Eco-Cha Teas

Eco-Cha represents the artisan tea industry in Taiwan and offers tea lovers worldwide the best teas in Taiwan. We recognize that people have developed a level of appreciation for fine tea and we are here as a resource for folks to learn more about this hand-crafted product that is rooted in an age-old tradition.

Chose from among our large selection of the highest quality Oolong, Black and Green Tea Taiwan has to offer.

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