1st Place Category Award Winning Dong Ding Oolong Tea Sample (20g)

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  • Amount: 20g

    Flavor: Toasted, nutty aroma. Amazingly balanced, smooth, mild roasted flavor. Rich, sweet, mellow aftertaste.

    Our friend, mentor, and ongoing supplier of tea, Mr. Xie, has again offered us the privilege of representing his teas that achieve top awards in its registered competition packaging, while it lasts.

    Learn more in our blog post about the Lugu Farmers Association Dong Ding Oolong Tea Competition.

  • Harvest: Hand-picked, medium batch, from Central Taiwan, 2019.

    Elevation: 1500m

  • Dong Ding Oolong is a medium oxidized, medium-heavily roasted tea with a hearty, complex, and robust character.

    The initial steeping brings forth a complex bouquet of toasted pecans , and a touch of smokiness. On the palate, you get roasted sweet corn, nutty/fruity notes, and a tangy, rich finish.

    This Dong Ding Oolong is representative of some the highest quality tea in the world. It demonstrates the broad spectrum of character and flavors that can be captured by refined roasting techniques.

  • The Story of This Tea

    These leaves were chosen by one of Taiwan's leading tea professionals who used his personal expertise in carefully roasting them to bring their flavor to its fullest potential of balance and richness. This professional works with local farmers on an annual basis to produce batches of tea that win the highest awards of the largest Oolong tea competitions in the world. The leaves must be properly cultivated, and most importantly properly oxidized before being well roasted for the Lugu Farmers' Association Dong Ding Oolong Competition. Proper oxidation of the leaves results in a fuller flavor profile that offers a more balanced brew. It is also necessary for producing optimal results in roasting the leaves after they are rolled and dried.

    Beginning in 1976, the Lugu Farmers’ Association developed the Dong Ding Oolong Tea Competition in an effort to preserve the value and quality of its local cash crop. This event has been developed over the last forty years to become the world’s largest and most prestigious Oolong Tea competition, with prize-winning teas demanding some of the highest prices of any Oolong Tea in the world. It is arguably the most impactful method of preserving the value and quality of a Traditional Oolong Tea that has been implemented in the history of Taiwan's tea industry. With well over 6000 entries per bi-annual competition, and first place prize winning tea currently attaining over NT$250,000 per jin (600g), it has brought a local traditional specialty product to unprecedented heights of value and quality.

  • The Lugu Farmers' Association Dong Ding Oolong Tea competition is the largest and most prestigious Oolong Tea competition in the world. This year's winter competition has over 6,716 entries, and these two batches of teas ranked in the top 2% and the top 8% of all entries!

    We have shared the remainders of his award winning batches of tea exclusively with our Tea Club members in the past. But this year we are again able to offer the Award Winning Teas in their registered packaging. Most of this award winning tea is purchased by collectors who store it for decades, since its value only increases with age!

  • Mug: 8g tea in 300ml 100°C water. Steep for 3 minutes. Re-steep. Adjust to taste.

    Cold Brew: Use 5g of tea per liter of water. Brew tea at room temperature for 2-3 hours, and enjoy. Or you can put your cold brew bottle in the fridge to brew overnight and be ready to drink the next day.

    Gong Fu: Use a 1:20 ratio of leaves to water (e.g. 10g of leaves for 200ml water). Use boiling temperature water and brew for about 50 seconds. Brew for about 40 seconds on the second brew, then increase brewing time with each successive brew. The leaves can be brewed 6-7 times.