Award Winning Dong Ding Oolong Tea

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  • Flavor: Caramelized pecans aroma. Fruity, tangy, mild roasted flavor. Rich, complex aftertaste.

    Garden: This batch of tea was cultivated on a family-run residential farm in the historical Dong Ding Oolong producing village of Yong Long in the Lugu area of Taiwan. A heritage farm run by father and son who have both been awarded first prize in the local tea competition in the last ten years. This batch received Second Place Category Award in the recent winter competition, ranking within the top 9% of over 600 entries.

    Harvest: Hand-picked in small batches in Yonglong, Taiwan. Winter 2019.

    Elevation:  700m

  • Dong Ding Oolong is a medium oxidized, medium roasted tea with a hearty, complex, and robust character.

    The initial steeping brings forth a complex bouquet of toasted pecans , and a touch of smokiness. On the palate, you get roasted sweet corn, nutty/fruity notes, and a tangy, rich finish.

    This batch of Dong Ding Oolong is representative of a traditionally made Oolong from the original source of this type of tea. It demonstrates the broad spectrum of character and flavors that can be captured by refined roasting techniques.

  • The Story Of This Tea

    This batch of tea comes from Yonglong Village, just above Dong Ding Mountain, at 700m elevation in Lu Gu Township, Nantou County. It was cultivated and processed by a father and son team of award-winning tea makers. The father has been recruited among 5 elders in the community in a practical seminar to teach pre-modern methods of traditional Dong Dong Oolong tea making to the younger tea makers in the area.

    This father and son team who manage their farm and process their harvests together have both won first prize in their local tea competition within the last ten years. This is an exclusive competition that only residents of the historical Dong Ding Oolong tea producing villages of Fenghuang, Yonglong, and Zhangya on Dong Ding Mountain are eligible to enter. This is home to the most concentrated population of traditional tea artisans in Taiwan, and very likely in the world.  We first met this farmer years ago, and got to know his son more recently since we met him in the factory of our organic source of tea that he was hired to process a few years ago. The son is now taking on more and more responsibilities in managing the family farm, processing the seasonal harvests, and becoming active in the community.

    This ridge above Dong Ding Mountain is home to the neighboring Yong Long and Feng Huang Villages and is known for a rich red soil which differs from other locales in Lu Gu. The unique flavor of Dong Ding Oolong produced here is attributed to this soil quality, along with the fact that these villages are home to the highest population of the most skilled traditional oolong tea artisans in Taiwan.

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