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Award Winning Dong Pian Oolong Tea (75g)

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Size: 75g

Tasting Notes:
It offers an extraordinary floral fragrance, and has a smooth, balanced fresh herbal character, with a mildly sweet flowery finish.

This batch of Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea was harvested from the late winter (Dong Pian) growing season that only occurs at lower elevations. And the hybrid cultivar of Four Seasons Spring got its name due to its prolific, year-round capacity to produce new leaf growth. So this cultivar is most prone to producing a late winter crop.

This particular day's harvest of the late winter crop hit the jackpot of exceptional quality. This is proven by the fact that it was entered into two separate Dong Pian tea competitions as five individual entries. In one competition it won two Top Place Awards, ranking within the top 2% of all entries. In the other competition, it won three Gold Medal Awards, ranking within the top 10%. So the evidence is clear that this is an exemplary batch of Dong Pian Tea!

There was only about 2kg of this batch remaining, and we were lucky enough to procure it for our Lunar New Year's special tea!

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