Brown Handmade Gongfu Teapot

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This handmade gongfu teapot pot has three different stamped imprints in the base that typically indicate the ceramicist, the brand, or perhaps the production line and origin. In effect, this offers a means of referencing the pot for collectors. Needless to say, these stamped imprints are non-existent on moulded teapots that are of lower quality ceramic and value. Each teapot is 150ml. 

The ceramic is noticeably thin and has a subtle rustic texture to it, while having the classic high pitched "clinking sound" that denotes quality ceramic and craftsmanship.

The amazingly modest merchant whom we source these pots from just happened to mention in packing them up that they are over 25 years old. His father imported them from China over 30 years ago, and he has been slowly selling them off for decades. We first met him about 15 years ago in a traditional weekend market - where we continue to visit and spend hours perusing his wares. 

The truth is, we inadvertently stumbled upon this piece that has been in storage for almost 30 years, and that's all we really know of its origin. We chose it because it stood out among dozens of pots crowded together on large tables. In a word, we got lucky!

All fine handmade teaware require proper care. Check out our guide here for how to properly cure a gongfu teapot before use.