Celadon Tea Cups & Teapot Bundle


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We're offering two Celadon Tea Cups and an Art Deco Teapot together in this special bundle.

Celadon Tea Cup (2 cups)

Dimensions: 8cm diameter; 4.5cm tall

Our Celadon Tea Cup has a simple, majestic design of a tea cup has a soft feel and semi-transparent glaze that reveals the sandstone ceramic underneath. It's substantial size of 100ml capacity offers function as well as a pleasant experience to hold in your hand. The glaze will slowly crackle and become naturally "tea stained" with prolonged use — increasing its aesthetic quality.

This cup is the perfect compliment to our Art Deco Teapot! It's the same type of glaze (although coloration may vary slightly), and the tea cup is exactly half the capacity of the teapot. So it's just right for  "tea for two" !

Art Deco Teapot

The Art Deco Teapot has a classic light green celadon type glaze that is semi-transparent, and will develop a classic crackle with use over time. The sand colored ceramic body is visible at the ridges in the decorative design of the teapot, as well as its rim. It has a glazed interior. Only the inner lid and the "feet" of the teapot are unglazed. Celadon is known to retain heat well, which makes it particularly suitable for hardier and tightly rolled tea types. We find that teapots with more spherical ( as opposed wide, squat) body shapes offer optimal brewing results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent set of cups!

No complaints here! I bought these as a gift and they were very well received. They're an elegant yet simple set of celadon cups and they really add a certain something to the tea process. I would highly recommend.

Beautiful and high use item for me.

I have a variety of teapots that I’ve used over the years. Recently this one has supplanted them all. I use it every day because it’s so convenient and the perfect size with the cups.
I had previously bought both chawan and cups separately but when I saw they’d been matched in a set for a deal, I bought the 2nd set intending to take it to my clinic. However I have discovered that having both sets at home has been nice for doing some comparative tasting between a variety of my teas. It’s nice to be able to compare each steeping under the same conditions! So, both sets will continue to live at home.

Wendy Anne Smith
art deco teapot and cups bundle

these are the most beautiful items. i am so glad i ordered them. the gaiwan is easy to use with little insulated handles and the tea cups are a delight to look at and hold and drink out of. thank you exo-cha for providing this set so we can more enjoy your tea

Willy Kornoff
Fantastic tea set.

Bought as I kept breaking porcelain gaiwans. This is far more sturdy, and has excellent design and functionality.

Going to buy another for the office.

Better than the pictures!

The photos don’t do this set justice. It is quality tea ware. Smooth finish, simple but elegant design. I bought this for a gift for my family who introduced me to Eco Cha but I’m tempted to buy myself a set.