Glass Brew Mug with Ceramic Strainer

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These glass brew mugs with ceramic strainer baskets and lids are a sleek modern version of a more classic Chinese design. This functional style of single mug brewing has been around for decades, but these glass mugs allow you to visually appreciate the tea you brew, and the stylish baskets are nice and deep — offering lots space for the leaves to fully unfurl and brew properly.

The strainer basket design allows you to easily control the brewing time by simply removing the basket and placing it on the lid. This brings the "grandpa style" of just putting tea leaves in a mug and filling it with hot water to the next level! It also offers the option for repeated brewing by simply putting the basket of tea leaves back into the mug and refilling it with hot water. It's ideal for brewing your favorite tea at work, or any situation where you are not ready to sit down to a Gong Fu tea session, but still want to optimize the quality of your brew.

This great mug comes in two sizes and colors:

  • 350ml Mug w/Peach Ceramic Strainer
  • 460ml Mug w/Light Green Ceramic Strainer

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