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Handcrafted Red Clay Yingge Teapot (150ml)

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Volume: 150 ml
Length: 11.5 cm (from the tip of spout to the handle)
Diameter: 6.7 cm (the widest part of the teapot body)
Height: 7.8 cm (from the knob of lid to the bottom)

This teapot from Taiwan's ceramic region of Yingge is made with a slightly darker colored clay from the Sun Moon Lake area of Taiwan, which gives it a more natural appearance. This clay origin alone makes this an exclusive, high-end teapot. This color is similar to the renowned zi sha or purple clay teapots.

The shape of this pot resembles bamboo, giving it a special character. The cylindrical body has a very nice balanced feel to it, and overall shape and dimensions make it very user friendly. With a volume of 150ml, it is suitable for serving up to four people, but ideal for two.

The base of the pot bears the potter's hand-written signature. The pot comes with a custom fit hard shell box.

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