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Handcrafted Red Clay Yingge Teapot (80ml)

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Volume: 80 ml
Length: 9.7 cm (from the tip of spout to the handle)
Diameter: 6.4 cm (the widest part of the teapot body)
Height: 5.1 cm (from the knob of lid to the bottom)

This very attractive, and well made teapot from Taiwan's ceramic region of Yingge was made to order, as it is particularly difficult to craft such a small size of pot by hand. The artist does not sell his wares on any other public platform. But we were able to source a limited number of teapots through a friendly connection.

The artist normally does not make teapots under 150ml, unless it is by special request. It has a nice feel and smooth pour, making it very user friendly. The base of the pot bears the potter's hand-written signature. The pot comes with a custom fit hard shell box.

A quality handmade teapot of this size is highly in demand, and is perfect for when you just want to sample a tea and brew a minimal amount. It is suitable for serving one to two people.

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