Handmade Yixing Fancy Red Teapot

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Capacity: 235ml

Silky smooth texture, elegant form and precise crafting make this a truly fine teapot. The lid sits into the body of the pot with an almost seamless snug fit. The long sleek spout pours smoothly, with a slightly arched stream. There is a dome-shaped strainer at the base of the spout inside the pot with a grid of very fine holes that will filter even the smallest bits of leaf from pouring out. The shape of the body gives it an ergonomic, slightly top-heavy feel that makes it prone to tipping and pouring effortlessly.

This is a sizable pot that is well suited for curled leaf teas as well as rolled leaf tea types. It's masterfully crafted and versatile in its function. We're very happy to be able to offer this type of quality as such a reasonable price!