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Eco-Cha Intro To Oolong 3 Pack Flight

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Intro to Oolong 3 Pack 

About: Three Taiwan Oolong Teas representing the full spectrum of Oolongs. A great introduction to Taiwan Oolong tea and to the varying characters of unroasted, lightly roasted, and heavily roasted flavors. From green, fresh, and floral to honey and dried fruit, to chicory, toasted, and nutty, this pack contains a wonderful flavor spectrum.

Tea: Jin Xuan Oolong (Unroasted), Light Roast Organic Oolong (Lightly Roasted), Dong Ding Oolong (Heavily Roasted) 

Perfect For: People familiar with Taiwan Oolong and wish to taste our current selections, as well as those who are curious about Oolong and wish to experience the roast spectrum in which Taiwan Oolongs are produced in endless subtle variations - season to season, year to year.

Included: 3 premium Taiwan Oolong Teas (38 grams each). Description card for each tea including tasting notes, harvest information, brewing tips, and tea origin. Gift box.

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