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Round Red "Concubine" Gongfu Teapot

The Chinese name given to this teapot is Xishi (西施), which is the name of one of the most famous concubines in Chinese history. She lived at the time of the unification of China in the beginning of it's long history of dynasties.

Perhaps it is the full, rounded shape of this clay teapot that inspired it's maker to give it this name. It is a medium – large size gongfu tea pot that can serve up to six people per brew. We feel it is a nice, versatile size and functional design that will bring satisfaction to the newcomer to Gongfu tea brewing as well as the accomplished, seasoned tea fiend!

Capacity: 180 mL

All fine handmade teaware require proper care. Check out our guide here for how to properly cure a gongfu teapot before use.

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