Sourcing tea in Taiwan for over 22 years, we are based in tea country and visit tea farmers on their land and in their homes almost daily in order to understand completely the tea we're putting in our—and in your—cups.

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Premium Oolong Tea

Single-source, responsibly produced tea from Taiwan. Eco-Cha teas come from family run farms that use sustainable farming methods. We choose teas based on quality, volume of harvest, and the methods employed by the farmers who produce them. 


Watch our short film on Oolong Tea production in Taiwan


6 Great Recipes Using Tea

July 29, 2015

Sipping a cup of your favorite tea can be an enjoyable, healthy and relaxing thing to do, but what about all of the other things you can do with tea besides drinking it? Both savory and sweet, there is no end to what kind of recipes you can create using tea!

Eco-Cha's INDIEGOGO Campaign Documentary Film Release!

July 20, 2015

We can now present you with a short film that not only documents the organic certification of Mr. Lin's newly established tea farm and our cooperation with him, but also provides an overview of tea production in Taiwan, and an explanation of why this is a prototypical case of sustainability in the local industry.


GYI (Global Youth Institute) 2015 Taiwan Visits Tea Country

July 15, 2015

When GYI contacted us to ask if we were interested in being a part of this year's program in Taiwan, of which the theme is "Redefining", we promptly said yes. And so we filled their slot of agriculture amidst other subjects such as design, health, media, and more in their 2-week program.