Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Fall 2015

  • Flavor: Vibrant, complex, tangy character. Roasted sweet corn, cashews, apricots. Lingering, heady aftertaste.

    Garden: This batch of tea comes from Fenghuang Village, just above Dong Ding Mountain. Fenghuang is known for its rich soil which differs from other locales in Lu Gu Township. The unique flavor of the Dong Ding Oolong produced here is attributed to this soil quality, along with the fact this region is home to the most concentrated population of skilled oolong tea artisans in Taiwan. This farm is managed by an innovative farmer who inherited his family farm, and has continued to expand his farm management to other plots of tea in the Shanlinxi region. Mr. Chen has been a professional tea judge for 20 years, and continues to hone his skills as both a farmer and professional representative of specialty Oolong tea.

    Harvest: Hand picked in small batches. September 2015. Fenghuang, Nantou.

    Elevation:  750m

  • Dong Ding Oolong is a medium oxidized, medium-heavily roasted tea with a hearty, complex, and robust character.

    The initial steeping brings forth a complex bouquet of roasted vegetables, pine, and a touch of smokiness. On the palate, you get roasted sweet corn, nutty/fruity notes, and a tangy, heady finish with just the right touch of astringency.

    This batch of Dong Ding Oolong is representative of a traditionally made Oolong from the original source of this type of tea. It demonstrates the broad spectrum of character and flavors that can be captured by refined roasting techniques.

  • The Story Of This Tea

    This batch of tea comes from Fenghuang Village, just above Dong Ding Mountain, at 750m elevation in Lu Gu Township, Nantou County. It was cultivated and processed by a member of the board of tea judges in the Lu Gu Farmers' Association Tea Competition - the largest and most prestigious oolong tea competition in the world.

  • This ridge above Dong Ding Mountain is home to the neighboring Yong Long and Feng Huang Villages and is known for a rich red soil which differs from other locales in Lu Gu. The unique flavor of Dong Ding Oolong produced here is attributed to this soil quality, along with the fact that these villages are home to the highest population of the most skilled traditional oolong tea artisans in Taiwan.


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