Award Winning Wenshan Baozhong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club
July 21, 2023

Award Winning Wenshan Baozhong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Award Winning Wenshan Baozhong Tea spring 2023

Batch 92 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club is an Award-Winning Wenshan Baozhong Tea from Pinglin, Taiwan. We had tasted and procured this batch of tea before it was entered into the New Taipei City Farmers' Association spring 2023 competition. We later learned that it achieved "Youliang" (優良獎) Award — placing it in the top 50% among 1576 total entries. We sourced this tea to represent competition grade Wenshan Baozhong Tea, and provide our members with the opportunity to become familiar with this unique type of traditional Taiwanese tea. Check the sourcing blog post for the full background story!

Wenshan Baozhong Tea in a cup

Wenshan Baozhong is unique in that it is a lightly oxidized tea that is only twisted, not rolled. The degree of oxidation is similar to Taiwan's High Mountain Oolong Tea, but the processing methods vary in subtle yet significant ways. Baozhong Tea undergoes longer wilting periods, with shorter intermittent tumbling. This, in effect, is a more delicate method of depleting the leaves of their moisture — the prerequisite for oxidation. In the tumble heating/fixing step, the leaves are not exposed to high temperature as long, and maintain significantly more moisture than High Mountain Tea. This potentially allows for further chemical transformation of leaves before they are fully dried the following day. 

Wenshan Baozhong brewed tea leaves

The result of Wenshan Baozhong processing is that the leaves are cured more uniformly and delicately. There is significant oxidation, but the structural integrity of the leaf is maintained — which seems to lock in its freshness more effectively. The curled leaf also allows for a much more thorough drying of the leaves, compared with tightly rolled leaf material. Preservation of flavor is contingent on depletion of moisture in the curing of the leaves.

Wenshan Baoshong Tea Tasting

The flavor profile of this tea expresses this delicate curing method by offering an especially fresh, yet full-bodied flavor profile. It has an integrated floral/herbal quality that sets it apart. There is a depth to its aromatic character. There is something quite substantial about this tea — from its fragrance, to its mouthfeel, and right on through to the finish! Watch the tasting video for the fully detailed scoop!