Our Sources

Taiwanese Oolong Tea Farmer

Responsible farming and expertise in tea cultivation define the sources we know and trust. We are committed to bringing you not only the best tasting tea, but the best tasting tea from the most responsible farmers.

Our teas come from sources whom we know personally and visit regularly in their homes and on their farms. We have known most of our sources for many years and communicate with them on an ongoing basis in our commitment to fully understand all aspects of tea production. We have spent many nights over many years in tea factories, observing and assisting in the processing of the leaves picked that morning. For details on where each tea comes from visit each tea selection individually.

Eco-Cha works with some of the most progressive and competent figures in the Taiwanese tea industry.

Small Batch

We seek out producers of tea whose farms, methodologies, principles, and quantities of yield remain within the capacity and capability of artisan tea making.


Many traditional artisans have recovered their family heritage from previously unsustainable methods and are particularly dedicated, responsible, and innovative tea farmers.


These artisans are aware that this is their specialized niche in the midst of the commercialization and standardization of a specialty product.


Some farmers have formed cooperatives that enable them to meet increasing demand while maintaining their own level of quality control and sustainable farming methods.