What is 'eco' about Eco-Cha?

Direct Sourcing

We source directly from farmers and tea makers in Taiwan with no intermediary retailing, shipping or storage. No extraneous resources are being used to bring you tea direct from the farm.

Small Scale

Our teas come from family-operated, smaller farms in Taiwan that practice responsible farming methods - including organic, or as we call it, Eco-Farmed. Small scale production allows for specialty standards of quality control. These farmers have the most investment and concern for their land and their produce.


Artisan tea makers are by definition more sustainable in their production methods as well as their product - a traditionally crafted premium tea. Family-run farms that employ traditional hand-processed methods have less environmental impact and are maintaining their product value by producing gourmet quality tea.

By following our guidelines for what defines artisan tea, Eco-Cha is in effect adhering to eco-friendly business practices. Small scale production from family run farms using traditional methods of tea production is significantly more sustainable than recently developed large scale tea farming and trade. By comprehensively representing the farmers who adhere to their inherited artisan tradition, we are maintaining a sustainable agricultural and business ethic. 

Eco-Cha connects conscious consumer demand with traditional artisan tea practices to support both sides of a sustainable trend. We are dedicated to preserving this niche industry by representing it clearly and providing the consumer with responsibly sourced premium tea. Conversely, we are here on the ground to inform the family-run tea farms who still embody traditional methods of  production that their specialty product is in higher demand than ever, and that they need to maintain their tradition, rather than transform it.

We support and promote a style of tea production that is being transformed and even replaced by more standardized large scale production methods. Taiwan tea is cutting edge in the industry because it has integrated scientific agricultural research and innovation into a family tradition level of tea production. However, if the transmission of artisan tea making is phased out by standardized production methods influenced by fleeting trends of marketing to create consumer demand, the industry will become less specialized and hence less sustainable.

Eco-Cha supports the artisan tea industry in Taiwan.