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Spring 2024 High Mountain Oolong Teas

Spring 2024 High Mountain Oolong Teas

Our spring 2024 high mountain Taiwan Oolong teas are all in, and we brewed them side by side to see how they compare with each other. We brewed them in the "factory cupping style" — 6g of tea leaves in a standard tea judging bowl, filled with boiling temp water, and sipped as they brew. The real results are when the tea has cooled considerably, and the brewed tea has become somewhat concentrated.

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Taiwan's Li Shan high mountain tea region

Li Shan High Mountain Oolong Spring 2024

We had a wonderful visit to Li Shan for spring 2024 harvest. Li Shan (Pear Mountain) is the highest elevation and most prestigious high mountain tea producing region on the island of Taiwan. Li Shan is located much further north of both the Alishan and Shan Lin Xi regions. This offered the specific benefit of receiving much more rainfall in Li Shan during the spring growing season than the regions to the south.

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Taiwan tea field

Spring 2024 Update

Eco-Cha is dedicated to bringing you the finest teas from Taiwan. 2024 has already been particularly eventful, with harvests, tastings, and the age-old craft of tea-making. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to so far this spring.

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