Sourcing tea in Taiwan for 22 years, we visit farmers on their land and in their homes almost daily in order to understand completely the tea we're putting in our—and in your—cups.

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Premium Oolong Tea

Eco-Cha teas come from family run farms that use sustainable farming methods. We choose teas based on quality and the methods employed by the farmers who produce them. 

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Eco-Cha Tea Club Batch #3: What Does Roasted Jin Xuan Bug Bitten Tea Look, Smell And Taste Like?

February, 2, 2016

Well, now that we've spent some time getting to know this tea beyond the initial impression it had on us, along with its specs that qualified it as unique batch worthy of sharing with our tea club members, we can offer a closer look into our experience of brewing and enjoying this tea.

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What's Special About Eco-Cha Tea Club Batch #3?

January, 26, 2016

In our previous post, we gave a brief of description Batch #3, along with its source, and how this tea is a perfect match in terms of what Eco-Cha aspires to promote in our involvement with the local specialty tea industry here in Taiwan. So now we just want to talk about the tea itself, and how we determine this batch to be a unique find, and why it qualifies as our next choice for the Eco-Cha Tea Club.

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Eco-Cha Tea Club Batch #3: Traditionally Made Transitional Organic Jin Xuan Oolong

January, 24, 2016

Well, the holidays seemed to fly past, with our first two monthly batches of tea we shared with you, and here we are preparing to pack up and ship our third installment of the Eco-Cha Tea Club. As we've described in our Tea Club guidelines, we search for teas that are unique and not offered on the general market (or even in our own store) due to their limited edition, rare batch factor. This month's batch is exciting because it embodies all the main aspects of what Eco-Cha strives to represent. It was cultivated on a residential farm, it's a small harvest, it was processed using traditional methods, and it was naturally cultivated. All this adds up to sustainable practice in preserving the local specialty tea industry by providing tea lovers with what you want — quality, interesting tea. Once again, we feel both privileged and proud to be able to do so. 

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