Sourcing tea in Taiwan for 22 years, we visit farmers on their land and in their homes almost daily in order to understand completely the tea we're putting in our—and in your—cups.

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Premium Oolong Tea

Eco-Cha teas come from family run farms that use sustainable farming methods. We choose teas based on quality and the methods employed by the farmers who produce them. 

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14 spots to drink tea in Taiwan that can't be missed

April, 18, 2016

14 spots to drink tea in Taiwan that can't be missed

There are so many amazing places to drink tea, and quite frankly, we will drink tea anywhere, but here are some of our favorite spots around Taiwan.

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Eco-Cha Presents For Taichung City Government

April, 14, 2016

Andy was asked to present at Taichung City Government's international creative industries seminar that focused on promoting its local specialty products. As tea is Taiwan's primary local specialty, and Eco-Cha is becoming recognized as a leader in representing this product and culture on an international platform, Andy was happy to share his 25 years of experience of Taiwanese tea with Taichung's professionals and government officials.

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Eco-Cha Tea Club Batch #5: What Does Shanlinxi Black Tea Look, Smell And Taste Like?

April, 8, 2016

Less than 60kg of tea leaves were cured from this early summer harvest. This is a small fraction of the leaves produced for a conventional High Mountain Oolong Tea from the summer crop. But given the fact that the quality of Black Tea made from this harvest is exemplary rather than an inferior harvest of High Mountain Oolong, and it maximizes the potential of the following fall and winter harvests, it is the wisest choice of high elevation tea production. This sustainable approach to world-class tea production, combined with the fact that this is perhaps the finest batch of Black Tea that we have procured to date is why we chose it to share with our Tea Club members.

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