Sourcing tea in Taiwan for 22 years, we visit farmers on their land and in their homes almost daily in order to understand completely the tea we're putting in our—and in your—cups.

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Premium Oolong Tea

Oolong tea from family run farms that use sustainable methods. Naturally farmed and responsibly sourced. 

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Spring Tea Harvest 2016: A Journey To Lishan

May, 25, 2016

Eco-Cha is dedicated to finding the farms that are smaller and independently run from start to finish in the making of quality tea. This is what we have learned to be worth supporting and promoting here on the ground, at the source. 

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Spring Ride To Alishan's "Village Of Great Peace"

May, 18, 2016

Eco-Cha's pictorial post on spring tea harvest 2016, received a lot of compliments in appreciation of our sharing snapshots of our tea adventures in Taiwan. This inspired us to take a few extra moments to stop and enjoy the view on our third ride into 太和村 or "Great Peace Village" in the last couple weeks. Here are some photos from that ride. Our readers know that we've tended to focus on an in-depth perspective of the tea industry in Taiwan. Now we feel like it's time to share some simply pleasurable sight-seeing in the country where all this wonderful tea is produced.

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How Alishan Oolong Tea Competitions Are Judged

May, 11, 2016

Looking at this tea from a competition standard perspective, these are the basic guidelines. In judging the quality of competition tea, the first assessment is the appearance of the dired leaves. They are judged by their color, luster, size and uniformity. In Alishan competitions, the leaves are minimally roasted and maintain their lustrous marbled, deep green quality.

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