Li Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea

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  • Flavor: Floral, pastry aroma. Substantial, balanced, mildly sweet, complex vegetal character. Clean, lasting finish.

    Garden:  This garden is located on the west side of the Lishan region, situated directly above a reservoir, and at the top of a ridge. It is well managed by a couple with 30 years of High Mountain Tea farming experience.

    Harvest:  Hand-picked, medium batch, Heping, Taiwan. Spring 2018.

    Elevation: 2000m

  • This batch of tea was slightly more oxidized in its processing than a standard High Mountain Oolong. Heavier oxidation results in a more substantial, balanced brew. The aroma and flavor become more subtle, but more rich and smooth in texture and composition. Some of the floral fragrance is is compromised, but most serious drinkers feel that it is well worth it in exchange for a more complex, full-bodied brew.

  • We visited the Lishan farm and factory during spring harvest and observed the overall scene. We tasted the tea as it was made, and then got to choose which batch from the last two days of production (because the previous 4 days were already spoken for). The source is a family we befriended over a year ago, and feel very confident about working with. Their home is in Alishan, where they run a renowned factory, cooperating with local growers, and producing competition grade award winning tea for many years now. They have recently leased a plot of tea in the western side of the Lishan region, on the top of a ridge, directly above a reservoir. This micro-climate is a significant asset. Their tea making skills are in high demand among wholesalers here on the ground. Many wholesalers buy their tea in large quantities without even tasting it. They have numerous long term customers who buy their produce consistently.

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