Reviews, What People Are Saying

“I really like this company: Eco-Cha. The packaging is beautiful, and the tea is of excellent quality! I like that they get their teas direct from the source, which means a fresher product! This Dong Ding, for example, was harvested in May of this year, and it was hand-picked in small batches. I like that!"

“...what a perfect for autumn tea this Dong Ding Oolong is...the smoke, the chestnut, the warm notes of coffee, even the raisins are very autumnal to me.”

~ SororiTea Sisters

"Eco-Cha sources their teas directly from farmers and I love the stories that they tell. Here's what they had to say about this tea" 

"The taste was complex without being overly heavy or green. Floral notes were expected but I was surprised to find that it was also quite fruity. The mouthfeel was smooth and later infusions had a subtle creaminess."

~ Tea for Me Please



"The first sip is bold, with roasted nutty flavours and a fantastic mouthfeel - buttery vanilla but with also some citrus tartness. The floral notes come out a bit later, with some orchid and red grapes, and a suggestion of cinnamon and nutmeg."

"It's a deeper and darker Dong Ding, and wonderfully interesting, I'm really enjoying it.

~ Sagaci-tea 

"It’s a beautiful tea, and definitely one worth exploring!"

"the complexity here is so amazing that you really want to experience it!"

"The flavor is incredible!  It is so deliciously sweet.  I am quick to identify vanilla notes – sweet and creamy."

~ SororiTea Sisters



“One of the first things I noticed about Eco-Cha was their commitment to responsibly sourcing their teas...It make me so happy to see such a shift in the industry.”

"I really love the information that they provide on the source of this tea...Even the elevation and harvest time is provided. In years past, none of this information was available to the consumer."

"It (Red Jade Tea) started off with a soft earthiness and spice that developed into a cooling minty aftertaste."

 ~ Nicole Martin, Tea for Me Please 



'If you like supporting small companies that in turn support small artisan farmers then this tea would make the perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!"

"I have infused the Jin Xuan 4 times so far and I’m sure it could handle another 4 or more steeps. I’m actually appreciating this 4th infusion more than the first 3. They were fine – very fragrant, but the fourth infusion is more subtle with a buttery nutty softness."

~ The Tea Stylist 

"...when the beautiful package arrived from Eco-Cha...Vacuum-packed bag tucked inside an eco-friendly box. Couldn’t wait to brew it!" 

"The first sip was minty and spicy. I immediately drained the cup. The second steep was even better, catching all the best of Autumn’s fruits, falling leaves, gathering firewood. The tea remained aromatic through four steeps. My husband and I enjoyed it for several days, chatting away as we sat near the wood stove, sipping Red Jade Tea. The tea is a real treat!"

"A whiff of leather and tobacco, very pleasant.  The second steep was lovely, like dried plums and dried cherries. Through a fourth steep, the leaves unfurled more, but remaining fully flavorful." (Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Concubine Oolong) 

~ Regena Rafelson, TChing 

"It’s (Red Jade Tea) leaves are long, its flavors intense...this makes a wonderful cup for a chilly fall afternoon." 

"Eco-Cha’s version has a stronger wintergreen note than other versions that I’ve tried, so if you like mint, give this (Red Jade) tea a try." 

~ Lainie Peterson, Lainie Sips