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Jin Xuan Oolong Tea
Alicia Taylor
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Love oolong

Great quality and very tasty. Would buy again.

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Great quality and very tasty. Would buy again. Probably my favorite from this company.

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So yummy

Great quality and very tasty. Would buy again.

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Great quality and very tasty. Would buy again.

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Likes: Jin xuan at insane price
Improvements: N/A
Maybe an obsession

Jin xuan is my all time favorite tea, and this price is a fraction of what I would normally pay for it stateside. I love this tea so much that I have a specific tea pet and purple clay pot dedicated to only jin xuan. I would physically fight somebody for this tea. Just don't oversteep it or it'll get bitter. It's great for lots of short steeps.

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Likes: Great flavor, big leaves
Improvements: N/A
Delicious; tingly

I got a sample of this because I had never tried GABA oolong before. If I had been given some of this without a label, I would've assumed it was a bug-bitten tea. It both smells and tastes very similar to bug-bitten teas I've tried, but it's half the price.

I tested this out grandpa style. The aroma reminds me of a light, sweet bread and the flavor is a shock of sweetness on the tip of the tongue followed by a light black tea taste.

Most unusually/notably, it leaves an aftertaste and mouth/throat feel similar to peppercorns. This is apparently a reaction to GABA that some people have and not a typical characteristic of the tea.

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea
Debbie Burton

This is far and away the best Green Tea I’ve ever had! It’s full bodied yet fresh and absolutely delightful! Such a lovely Tea experience.

It’s a go-to every time!

I love this Tea! I haven’t placed an order yet that has not included this lovely light floral fresh Tea! It’s definitely my go-to Tea!


At first I thought it tasted similar to other eco cha oolongs, light, buttery, floral…but a strong dessert like sensation arrived…something like carrot cake, cinnamon and frosting which is long lasting. I’m curious no other reviews got these flavor notes.

Really amazing!

Without a doubt the Eco-Cha Tea Club is amazing. It gives you the best of Taiwan's best teas. It is so wonderful to know that what you are drinking is so close to the earth and has not been sitting on shelves for years... Don't miss this opportunity to bring Taiwan home.

Best Tie Guan Yin from Taiwan

I'm so glad eco-cha is offering Tie Guan Yin because I love the legendary tea. The batch tastes even more flavorful than the ones I've had in Taiwan. I highly recommend the tea and have been gifting this to family and friends myself.

Adding to My Regular Purchase

Nice bit of funk, pretty roasty, a little more fruit than Dong Ding. I think I will add this to my regulars along with the Dong Dings.

Lovely tea 🍵

I recently tried the Gardenia Oolong tea and it was absolutely divine! The floral notes were delicate and the tea had a smooth texture with just the right amount of subtle sweetness. It's definitely become one of my new favorites. Highly recommend giving it a try!

One of the Best Teas

I bought quite a few batches to friends and family. Each and everyone enjoys it very much... the best of green teas on the market.

A special batch

Got to agree with the others that Winter 22 is unlike a typical winter tea that I'm used to. I think it has much more character than Summer 22. I like to alternate this Jin Xuan with a good Qing Xin, such as the Alishan High Mountain.


Winter 22 is very buttery indeed. I'm even getting some Wenshan Baozhong mouthfeel and taste with this one. Very little bitterness.

Just okay

It's pretty average, i might try to turn up the heat on my next brew to see if it'll reveal more character.

Pleasant, not worth the price

Again, another tea that is pleasant to drink but simple and lacking in complexity. I would be glad to drink this often, but not worth it at this price.


Very pleasant tea, not fantastic but would be glad to sip on this everyday, at this price point it's an excellent buy. I bought a few eco cha teas and they all seem to me to lack complexity, but are still enjoyable and clean tasting.

Medicinal -cough syrup

It's starting to grow on me, though my first taste of this tea was brewed western style and it tasted like medicine. Second time gong fu was a little more pleasant. I've never had a black tea taste like this and not sure I'd order again m

Pleasant, sweet

It's a tea I'm happy to drink all the time, but it's nothing special and lacks complexity. Not sure it's worth the price point.

Satisfies the taste buds!

Wonderful roasted taste and aroma! Full bodied and sweet. Great tea to drink on a chillier day with some honey

Perfect tea for any occasion

Amazing floral aroma and smooth texture. Mellow lingering aftertaste. There isn't a time where I'm not in the mood for this tea!! One of my favorite oolongs

Wenshan Baozhong Tea
Michael Songbird
All time favorite

Nothing against other high quality tea options from eco-cha. I really enjoy everything I have purchased. The Wenshan Baozhong is my favorite. It's always available at my house.
Floral, solid finish, and a clean aftertaste.
I purchased the winter 2022. Pinglin, Taiwan harvest. Elevation: 600m.

Li Shan review

My first time drinking Li Shan. I was pleasantly surprised. Rich flavor that satisfied my craving for matcha tea, with a much less grassy taste.
I enjoy it best in the early morning. So refreshing!