Eco-Farmed GABA Oolong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club
May 20, 2023

Eco-Farmed GABA Oolong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

GABA Oolong gong fu brewing

Here we'll provide a rundown of the character of GABA tea, along with some specific notes on how this batch brews and the qualities it has to offer. Learn about the farm, the farmers, and the making of this tea here.

Eco-Farmed GABA Oolong Tea dried leaves

The leaves of this batch of tea were hand-picked from organically grown Four Seasons Spring tea trees. It was a very minimal harvest of new-growth from late summer 2022. We've learned that this singular hand-picked crop of tea produces the best quality GABA Oolong Tea that we've ever tasted. They only make it once a year, and it's very limited in quantity. So we feel like it's a perfect pick for the Eco-Cha Tea Club! The leaves were only slightly rolled into a half-curled/half-rolled shape. This offers more surface area of the leaves to be exposed, which makes them more conducive to post production oxidation — allowing the composition of the leaves to settle and mellow.

Eco-Farmed GABA Oolong Tea in a cup

The leaves are basically as oxidized as they can be while maintaining their structural integrity. This is the fundamental difference between Oolong and Black Tea processing. Fully oxidized Black Tea is achieved by vigorously rolling which tears the leaves and exposes the constituents to air — which results in oxidation.

This GABA Oolong is a full-flavored, fruity character. It has a tangy flavor profile that is well-complimented by a caramelized sweet base. These two main constituents meld to create smoky, sour plum notes in the finish. It's got a smooth mouth feel, while packing a fruit punch bouquet. It's very satisfying as well as refreshing.

Eco-Farmed GABA Oolong Tea brewed leaves

We can see in the brewed leaves that there is minimal stem material, and most of the leaves are immature in size. This represents the quality factor that our source is offering in this minimal batch of tea that they only produce once a year. We feel confident that its some of the best quality GABA Oolong Tea available — anywhere! Watch the tasting video for the full scoop~!



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