High Mountain Hong Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club
May 19, 2024

High Mountain Hong Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

High Mountain Hong Oolong Tea Eco-Cha Tea Club

Batch 102 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club is a High Mountain Hong Oolong Tea from the Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Tea Growing region, harvested in fall 2023. Shown above is the farm from which these leaves were harvested. It's a very remote plot of tea that is allowed to grow naturally between spring and winter harvests. So the fall crop is produced without any pesticides or fertilizers, and the tea trees are almost covered in weed growth. This is what our friend finds uniquely valuable as the raw material which he crafts into Hong Oolong Tea. He firmly believes that the combination of higher elevation and natural growing conditions throughout the summer/fall months produce an exceptionally rich and substantial leaf material to work with. Read more about how this tea tastes in our tasting notes blogpost.


High Mountain Hong Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea  Club


The Shan Lin Xi tea farm is owned and managed by his wife's family who live in Lugu. They specialize in Oolong Tea production, but have been cooperating with Mr. Li in recent years to produce High Mountain Black Tea and Hong Oolong Tea. Hong Oolong is literally a hybrid procedure that combines Oolong and Black Tea making methods. His in-laws harvest the fall crop of tea and do the initial processing of the leaves — up through the tumble heating/fixing step. The leaves are then bundled and put into deep freeze until Mr. Li finishes his winter harvest season, and has ample time to complete the processing of the leaves.


Specialty Black Tea Maker in Sun Moon Lake Taiwan


We met Mr. Li several years ago, and we are finally able to begin cooperating with him. He is a third generation tea farmer in the Sun Moon Lake area, specializing in Black Tea production — mainly Red Jade #18. His tea farm is certified organic, and Eco-Cha will source its Red Jade Black Tea from Mr. Li starting with the spring 2024 crop! 

Mr. Li's self-designed home factory is one of the factors that initially impressed us. The second floor is a wooden construction that he perceives as optimal for the withering process in Black Tea production. This physical structure is testament to his overall approach to optimizing his own humble family operation. He is quite knowledgeable in the local history of Black Tea making, as well as the various cultivars of tea that all have their own unique attributes. We look forward to learning more from Mr. Li in the years to come!



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