Light Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea from the Eco-Cha Tea Club
April 13, 2021

Light Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Light Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea 

Batch 65 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club was initially sourced by our friend for entry into the largest Oolong Tea Competition in the world. The standard of this competition is a medium/heavy roast, so it requires a significant level of oxidation in processing the tea leaves for optimal results. This is where this batch of tea varies most significantly from the market standard of Taiwan's High Mountain Tea. High Mountain Tea is minimally oxidized and unroasted — offering a fresh green character with a floral bouquet. This batch was not only more oxidized, but also delicately roasted to offer a more balanced, sweeter character with fruity and pastry components to compliment the floral notes.

Light Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea dried leaves

In addition to the mellowing and balancing effects that oxidation and minimal roasting offer, a more full-bodied, integrated, and subtly complex character is achieved. The vibrant, bold aromatic profile of standard High Mountain Tea is exchanged for a milder, yet more substantial brew. 

Light Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea brewed leaves

These leaves were harvested in winter 2020 at about 1350m elevation from a farmer/tea maker that specializes in producing tea for the Lugu Farmers' Association Dong Ding Oolong Tea Competition. With the post production delicate roasting by our friend who is a master, we find this tea to be a gem. For the full story and visuals, watch the tasting video below!


Please leave a comment in the comments section below or leave any questions you may have about as well about Batch 64 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club.


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