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Welcome Tea Club Members! We're happy to share a little extra of your favorite Tea Club teas with you! 

Each tea is 75 grams and will not come with a box. Black teas will come in two bags totaling 75 grams. Oolong will come in one bag of 75 grams.

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August 2022 Wuyi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Really enjoyed this oolong. Brewed in a gaiwan, 300 ml / 10g, steeped at various times. Beautiful aroma, nice finish. Highly recommend.

Eco-Farmed GABA Oolong Tea (January)

The first time I tried this tea I was like, no, not gonna drink this! By the time finished the package I wanted more. The taste is like nothing I've had in a cup of tea. It is sweeter and has more of a fruity taste than any other tea I've had. There is also a taste of sugar that lingered in my mouth. There was a smoothness and balance to this tea that I came to appreciate.


I bought the Dong Pian Oolong as well as the "competition grade Tie Guan Yin".

The Tie Guan Yin is fermented to the grade where you can speak of a black tea.
It's delicious although I'm nether have been a big admirer of neither black teas (except for some Gaba's) or Tie Guan Yins in the past
4/5 Stars

The Dong Pian was a disappointment to me.
He's not bad per se.
But for a club tea (what raised the expectations) the body was way too weak and taste too characterless.
3/5 stars

Hi Dominik,
Thank you for your purchases of our teas, and for your reviews!
The Tie Guan Yin Oolong is actually only between 40-50% oxidized, so about half the oxidation level of a Black Tea. What you may be noticing is the tangy quality in the flavor profile that is the result of a unique processing step that you can read about in our blog posts on this batch of tea. The roast level of this tea is the highest of all our teas, together with our Eco-Farmed Heavy Roast Oolong.

The Dong Pian varies from the classic Dong Pian in that it was oxidized more than the standard. Most tea makers play it safe by processing a late winter harvest very minimally — offer a very green vegetal profile. Given that this batch was made by a traditional Dong Ding Oolong artisan, he felt it was appropriate to oxidize the leaves more. It offers a subtle, not super pronounced flavor profile that is akin to an unroasted tea from this locale.

Thanks again for your feedback and support!


Claire S
Perfect Oolong - Traditional Lugu Oolong (Mar 2020)

Very flavorful with mild bitterness and astringency. Best oolong tea I've had in years!

Hawkin Yu
May 2020 Honey Hong Shui Oolong

The moment it entered the palette, the honey flavour just explodes, so aromatic & bold, not to mention the full body & after taste. Even after 3 brewing, the taste is still there.