Eco-Farmed Green Tea


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  • Flavor: 

    Sautéed veggies aroma. Mildly sweet, grilled zucchini flavor. Balanced, soothing aftertaste.

    Garden: This source is one the most innovative and progressive tea producers we know. A husband and wife team cooperate with neighboring farmers to produce an impressive array of organically cultivated teas in the historical tea growing region of Songboling in Nantou County.

    Harvest: Machine harvested, summer 2024

    Elevation:  ​400m

  • This Green Tea is made from relatively more mature leaves than most Green Tea on the market. This provides a more substantial, full-bodied composition. Still young, but bigger leaves contain more constituents than very young leaf buds. This tea is an ideal everyday, on-the-job tea. It's a nicely balanced brew that provides all the feel good health benefits in Green Tea! We feel that this source is giving us the most for our money in terms of providing a Green Tea with more substance than most.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Xie manage their cooperative of certified organic farms in a way that we that combines tradition with an eclectic knowledge of tea production. They have an integrated understanding of what works in terms of tea cultivation and processing as well as consumer market trends.

    Typically, when we sit down at Mr. Xie's tea table, he will brew that he has recently or is currently in the process of curing. In effect, we often get to try a type of tea we have never tasted before. This in itself is a gift freely offered by these modest and impressively knowledgeable tea farmers. He never says what the tea is before we taste it and ask about it, which provides us with a kind of experiential quiz!

    After years of visiting them frequently in their home and gradually learning of their overall production that would only be humbly offered when warranted by our relentless questions, we are finally offering one of their fundamental types of tea. Green Tea is the least processed of all tea types, and offers the original fresh green leaf character with all its healthy attributes!

  • Brewing Guide: 6g tea in 300ml 90°C water. Steep for 2 minutes. Re-steep. Adjust to taste.

    Cold Brew: Use 4g of tea per liter of water. Brew tea at room temperature for 2-3 hours, and enjoy. Or you can put your cold brew bottle in the fridge to brew overnight and be ready to drink the next day.

    Gongfu Brew: Use 1g tea per 18mL 100°C water. First brew 50 seconds, second brew 40 seconds, third brew 50 seconds. Can be brewed 4 to 6 times.

Customer Reviews

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Rositza Ilieva
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Rolled form is nice
Improvements: Found tiny debris like foiled paper
Nice and complex taste

My second green tea from Eco cha. I like Bi Luo Chun very much, but this tea has more body for me. Definitely not fruity, it's more vegetable. Nice clean and refreshing taste, like savoury soup. Like it!

Robert Macdonald
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Quality and organic
Very good

The best green so far


MY wife got this as her first tea from Eco-Cha and loved it. Nice, light, refreshing and uplifting green tea!

First taste of this tea

Mild aroma, mostly of veggies. I did not feel the sweetness of the tea. The tea had a relatively high amount of stems compered with oolongs from Eco-Cha.

michelle mielru
daily-drinker tea

After brewing, the aroma of this tea was not particularly strong. Not as strong and aromatic as Bi Luo Chun. It has weak green and sweet aroma. I felt the aroma was lacking of freshness, which I could usually found in Bi Luo Chun.

The taste reminded me of spinach soup, it's green, buttery, and slightly sweet. There was no bitterness.

For me, it was a good daily-drinker green tea. The price was inexpensive! Should have purchased more XD