White Gaiwan / Pitcher With Handles


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This is a hybrid type of teaware that has become a favorite of ours for its function and versatility. As a teapot, the wide-mouth top allows for full viewing and smelling of the brewed leaves in the pot, as well as easy pouring when filling the pot with hot water. As a pitcher, simply put the lid aside and use with your favorite teapot. (170ml)

Perhaps the most special aspects of this overall design are the woven handles and the formed spout. These are what distinctly set it apart from the traditional gaiwan. Gaiwans are tricky to use because the pot is often too hot to pick up without scalding your fingertips. This, along with the fact that they have no spout, so you need to tip the lid to pour - making it rather unwieldy and potentially dangerous if not adept at the skill of using one.

This hybrid-style teapot is a perfect example of where tradition meets innovation to provide us with the ideal brewing experience.

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Diane Mark
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Likes: Beautiful and well made
Elegant brewing vessel!

I have used many types of brewing tools (stick, strainer, etc.) and this integrated gai wan is not only elegant but so easy to use and clean. I highly recommend getting one of your own.

Patrick Nylen
Just perfect

Metal strainers rust, fancy tea bags run out, but this gaiwan never stops delivering an amazing tea experience. It is perfect for one or two people and I'm finally enjoying my Eco-cha teas the right way. A real no-brainer and I wish I had ordered it years ago.

Kristen Morgan
Absolutely love this!

I bought this to replace my previous gaiwan, and I adore it. It's the perfect size for one, pours beautifully, easy to clean, and never burns my fingers, even when I do multiple successive steepings. I wasn't sure about white just for my personal aesthetic, but tea nerd that I am, I really enjoy being able to clearly see the leaves and the color of the tea as it steeps. Highly recommend!