Taiwanese Tea Sampler Gift Pack


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We've carefully chosen seven teas with distinct characters to offer you a broad spectrum of flavor profiles and learn about Taiwan's major tea types, while including an elegant ceramic travel tea caddy to hold your tea when on the go. This combo makes an excellent gift for any tea lover or anyone just starting to explore tea.

Our Taiwanese Tea Sampler provides a broad spectrum of flavors representing the types of tea that have made Taiwan famous for its specialty teas. It has a delicate and refined Green Tea, three  distinctly flavored unroasted Oolong Teas, two roasted Oolongs, a Black Tea, and a brewing guide. It's a fun, satisfying, and educational experience to explore the different characters each of these teas.

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (20g) has an exceptionally delicate and pure character, since the tender new leaf buds undergo the least processing possible after being harvested. The flavor profile is very refined, with subtle nuances of flavor in a very light brew. The tea tree varietal that is used to make Bi Luo Chun produce especially fuzzy and plump leaf buds, providing the distinctive character of this tea type.

Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea (20g) is skillfully oxidized — offering a sweeter, mellowed aroma and smooth, balanced flavor. It has a more substantial, less green brew that is complex, yet balanced and smooth on the palate.

Alishan High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong Tea (20g) clearly has the buttery/milky character that has popularized the Jin Xuan strain of tea. It's a very friendly introduction to High Mountain Tea that is bound to please newbies as well as experienced fans of Taiwan's finest.

Tsui Yu Oolong Tea (20g) offers distinct aromatic notes of fresh herbs with subtle hints of flowery sweetness. It has a dark green leafy vegetal flavor, with herbal overtones and a refreshing floral, dry finish. This selection makes an especially flavorful cold brew tea.

Dong Ding Oolong Tea 
(20g) is a well-oxidized and roasted tea with a hearty, robust character. It has nutty/fruity aromatic notes, and a tangy, heady finish with just the right touch of astringency. Our Dong Ding Oolong is a traditionally made Oolong from the original source of this type of tea.

Roasted Tsui Yu Oolong Tea (20g) has a hearty, balanced character with notes of roasted pecans and walnuts.  It has a rich, toasted flavor and a touch of sweetness that makes it quite satisfying. It's a great daily cuppa that you won't tire of easily, and it's easy on the wallet!

Small Leaf Black Tea (20g) has both a purity and substance of character that sets it apart from the majority of Black Teas, delivering a rich, full flavor that is both satisfying and soothing.

The included ceramic travel tea caddy has a metal screw-on top, and an enamel finish in a classic floral design. It's just the right size to fit in your handbag or backpack for everyday use and/or travel. It's also an attractive addition to a Gongfu Tea brewing display. Get both style and convenience in taking your tea of choice with you wherever you go!

  • Size: 7.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Capacity: 35g of tightly rolled Oolong Tea
  • Available colors: Yellow and Blue

Individually, these seven samples of tea add up to over US$40 (depending on seasonal harvest)! You can get this already great value of our Sampler Pack (US$33) plus a tea caddy for only US$43!

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Very Nice tasty

Enjoyed myself great to sip and relax

Get it if you're undecided

I was overwhelmed by the choices of teas and decided to purchase the sampler as it has a bit of everything. So far, I've only tried 3 of the teas in the sampler, and all have been top notch. I was pleasantly surprised by the Roasted Tsui Yu Oolong, smoky, floral, herbal, smooth. Rating this a 5 star product as it's good value for the price and a great introduction to the eco-cha teas. The caddy is super cute too.

Best gift!!!

Absolutely get it and gift it!!! Everyone will love it. For a newbie- it has very clear instructions. For a prow- good quality tea and a travel caddy. What can be better? Spread the love of tea!!!

Taiwanese Tea Sampler Gift Pack

I am so happy I ordered this sampler gift pack. it's the perfect way to start gong fu brewing with small amounts, and enables one to easily experience comparing the different teas. the price is very reasonable for the quality, and it's backed up with brewing notes and videos. i love the little travel tea caddy. i feel i can trust the Eco-Cha company and their mission is very sound. I will be ordering more from them as fast as I can drink the tea. The service is good too, The order arrived promptly, despite everything going on with covid.

Bought as a gift

Bought this as part of a gift, So far so good, arrived fairly promptly and looks good, I will update when I know more!