Travel Gongfu Tea Set

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This set comes with a new innovative Gaiwan style teapot, a matching pitcher, six tea cups and a handy all-in-one carrying case.

This travel-friendly tea set is perfect for taking your brewing pleasure on the road or wherever you go. The wide-mouth top makes for easy cleaning, and the straw-wrapped cutaway handles and strainer/spout design make it much easier to pour from than a traditional Gaiwan. While brewing, the lid can be removed for an open view of the leaves and appreciation of their aroma as they undergo successive brews. The white porcelain teaware offers optimal viewing of the brewed tea color and consistency.

In fact, this travel kit can also be used for legitimate cuppings of tea if you are traveling and collecting samples of tea on the road!

Brew at home or on the go with this gong fu teaware kit. There is nothing like sitting down outside in a park or at the top of a mountain, taking in the view and brewing hot oolong tea with friends.

This travel set includes:
  • One Gaiwan-style teapot ( 200mL )
  • One matching ceramic pitcher 
  • Six tea cups 
  • Two storage pouches for tea cups 
  • One padded carrying case with zippered flip-top ( 22cm x 11.5cm x 9cm )