Choosing Tea

New to loose leaf tea? Let us help! 

For more in depth discussion and advice on oolong tea check out our knowledge base at or email us anytime––we're always happy to talk tea. 

Oolong Tea For Beginners

These Oolongs are low cost, have prominent noticeable flavors, distinct fragrance, and obvious characteristics that make them accessible if you’re just starting out.

Tsui Yu Jade Oolong Tea

Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

Coffee Drinkers 

If you’re looking to switch off of coffee, but enjoy a roasty, dark, and full bodied cup try these teas.

Dong Ding High Mountain Oolong Tea

Red Jade Black Tea

Green Tea Lovers 

The subtle qualities of these teas will continue to provide you with new flavors and discovery over a long period of time. 

Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea

Organic High Mountain Oolong Tea

English Breakfast Tea Lovers

If you are looking to expand your tea experience beyond a traditional English Breakfast Tea into something with a more complex and deeper flavor palate, these teas with their rich and and mellow full bodied character are perfect.

Red Jade Black Tea