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We've done our research and found three very different flavors of tea that all work quite well for cold brew tea. And we are offering them together with a sleek, user-friendly cold brew bottle at a great deal so that you don't need to sweat about it for another second!

This ergonomic shaped 500ml bottle made of BPA-free Tritan plastic with a screen insert at the top is perfectly designed for cold brew tea. Just put about 5g (one  tablespoon) of tea in your bottle, fill it up with room temperature water and let sit for 2-3 hours, and you're good to go! You can also put it in the fridge overnight to be ready to drink in the morning.

Don't have time to let it cold brew? No worries — using the same amount of leaves, fill the bottle half-way with hot water and let brew for about 5 minutes. Then fill the bottle up with room temp or cold water to prevent over-brewing, and be ready to drink right away! Refill as needed.

The cold brew bottle comes with one of the following teas or all three if you like!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely wonderful product. Excellent customer service and great teas.


So easy to use and great tea as well.

The BEST Cold Brew Bottle!!!

Wish I could give this review 100 stars!!

THIS is the most perfect bottle for cold brewing your tea!! Beyond Perfect for my oolong teas…actually any tea will be perfect to cold brew in this bottle. (I just love oolong teas :) ).

The strainer is at the top, so there isn’t a basket to trap your tea. The leaves unfurl beautifully in the entire bottle!!

Also the top spins off and on with ease and ZERO leaks!! I left it in my backpack and walked a few miles and the top didn’t budge!! It’s tooooooo perfect!!

ALSO, with measurements on the bottle for precise fills!!

Just buy this bottle and you will be super stoked, just like me :)

Jennifer Smith
Handy bottle!

Yet another helpful tea ware item. After I’ve steeped my Eco Cha leaves a couple of times when heading out of the house in the morning, I can put the leaves into this bottle for another steep, to be consumed with lunch later. It stashes in my bag or car trunk or wherever. It doesn’t leak at all. It works great, and I often get questions about the contents “What is in that bottle?” The wrist strap is handy to facilitate carrying. It’s super convenient while traveling away from home too. My only negative comment is not to put really hot/boiling water into it. The plastic has become crazed after doing that a few times, so now I stick to room temperature or cold water to prevent further damage. If it breaks because of this, I’ll be purchasing a new one! : ) Can’t love without it! Thanks for a great product!