Iced Tea Shaker

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If you're an iced tea lover, you really need to make this a standard part of your iced tea recipes! No need to change your iced tea making methods. Just add this one step of pouring your brewed tea into this tea shaker with ice, and any other flavoring you wish, and SHAKE IT!

The "shaker method" of making iced tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980's, and has been popular ever since, both here in Taiwan and now in the West. The flavor of the tea seems to be enhanced as a result of shaking it with ice, and the naturally occurring saponins are released as well. This produces a nice foamy head on your glass of iced tea, just like a draft beer!

This 550ml size shaker allows you to make one pint or two smaller glasses at a time. This offers the opportunity to make different flavors as you go, and play "tea bar tender"!

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