Top 5 Reasons Why Eco-Cha Is Committed To Sharing Tea

  1. We are in a life-long love affair with tea and tea culture.
  2. It is healthy – in ways that address current pandemic health issues.
  3. It is enriching. It has a story that is imbibed with culture and history.
  4. It is in demand, and we want to provide it in a tasteful and responsible way.
  5. It is what we know, and it is our way of paying respect to a culture that has become an essential aspect of our lives – both the world of tea and Taiwan overall. We love it here!

Have you heard of the
Eco-Cha Tea Club?

We've been sourcing tea for 25 years and we often come across small, special batches that are not available in our shop. Join the Eco-Cha Tea Club to experience these teas each month.


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