Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea : Winter 2023
March 19, 2024

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea : Winter 2023


In this post, we discuss the Alishan and Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Tea growing regions in the context of tasting our winter 2023 batches of each. The photo above is an aerial shot of tea farms from our source of Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea. Below is a snap of the harvest on the farm where we sourced our winter batch.

Alishan is the southernmost high mountain tea growing region on Taiwan. It is known for its bright, pronounced aromatic and flavor profile that results from the relatively warmer and sunnier climate. Alishan is the most renowned name as well as the largest region for High Mountain Oolong Tea production on Taiwan,.

The photo above was taken during the winter 2023 harvest of our Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong. The Shan Lin Xi tea growing region is directly north of Alishan, and not very far away as the crow flies. The climate and terrain are significantly different however. The overall elevation is somewhat higher, and the topography is mostly steeper and more forested than Alishan. These factors, combined with the wind patterns that influence weather patterns create a cooler and foggier climate. This climate combined with less sun exposure due to the terrain produce a distinctive quality of High Mountain Oolong Tea. These growing conditions, combined with the fact that Shan Lin Xi Tea is produced by the highest population of Oolong Tea artisans on Taiwan have made Shan Lin Xi a favorite among premium Oolong Tea drinkers.

Watch the tasting video to learn how our winter 2023 batches of these teas compare with each other!



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