Bi Luo Chun and Wenshan Baozhong Teas
December 17, 2022

Bi Luo Chun and Baozhong Winter 2022 | Eco-Cha Teas

Sanxia Bi Luo Chun and Wenshan Baozhong winter 2022 tea tasting

We procured our winter 2022 batches of Sanxia Bi Luo Chun and Wenshan Baozhong Teas at about the same time. Since these teas are produced in close geographical proximity, and share a deep cultural history, we decided to brew them simultaneously to offer a perspective on how they compare and contrast with each other.

Sanxia Bi Luo Chun is a Green Tea that became famous in China centuries ago. It was imported to Taiwan 1800's, and experienced a revival in the 1970's in response to the developing economy, and government subsidization. The processing methods were modified here in Taiwan in recent decades to produce a more full-bodied flavor profile that is sweeter and less green grassy flavored. We agree with its makers and dedicated local fans in northern Taiwan that it excels in quality compared to its orthodox predecessor that is still made in China.

Wenshan Baozhong is a partially oxidized tea that is relatively close to being a Green Tea — on the Oolong spectrum. Given that Baozhong Tea is only curled, not tightly rolled, the structural integrity of the leaves remains in tact — preserving its original fresh qualities. This, combined with a gentle, yet thorough form of withering the leaves, gives it a unique flavor profile. Baozhong was one of the first Oolong (meaning partially oxidized) teas to be exported from Taiwan to Europe and North America in the late 1800's.

Watch our tasting video for the full details on these teas, their backgrounds, and characteristics! We encourage you to enjoy these two "wintergreen" characters of tea to provide you with some vibrant energy through the winter months!



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