How Is Tea Packaged in Taiwan?

April 01, 2021 0 Comments

A lot of care and know-how goes into the making of fine artisan teas here in Taiwan, and the same can be said about the packaging of tea. Ever wonder how tea is packaged? The local packaging services in tea producing regions in Taiwan are all family-run businesses. In acknowledgement of their important role, we want to show you one and how they package tea.

Tea packaging in Taiwan is usually a family-run business

Our primary packaging company in Lugu was initially run by a husband and wife team, and is gradually being taken over by the son and his wife (and grand daughter!). 

Opening the bulk tea bag

Tea is delivered in bulk bags by its makers or local merchants. As usual, we brought the day's purchase from our tea farmer friend to this family establishment to be packaged for retail sales.

Putting bulk tea into tea weighing machine

Above, the father pours the bulk bag of tea leaves into a dispenser machine. This machine will weigh out preset portions of loose tea into individual packages.

Setting the weight of tea to be dispensed

Here, the amount of tea to be dispensed is being set. Once set, the tea can be quickly portioned out into individual bags.

Tea weighing machine

The amount of tea to be portioned can be adjusted to the customer's needs. The standard amounts in Taiwan are 75g, 150g, and 300g that are packaged in vacuum sealed bags.

Tea portioned into individual packages

After everything is dialed in, the tea is quickly portioned into individual bags.

Preparing tea packages for vacuum sealing

Next, the tea packages are put into a holding rack. This allows the tea bag to remain in a nice rectangular form when placed into the vacuum sealer.

Placing the tea packages into the vacuum sealer machine

The tea packages in the holding racks are then placed into a vacuum sealing machine that removes the air from the package and then heat seals it. Vacuum sealing keeps the tea fresh and minimizes the size of packaging.

Final adjustments for vacuum sealing of tea packaging

Final adjustments made before vacuum sealing the bags.

Vacuum sealing the tea packages

The vacuum sealing process is relatively quick, and takes only about a minute.

Vacuum sealing done

Vacuum sealing done.

The final vacuum sealed tea packages

The final vacuum sealed tea packages ready for labeling!

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