Source of Eco-Farmed High Mountain Oolong Tea
July 07, 2022

Taiwan Eco-Farmed High Mountain Oolong Tea Spring 2022 | Eco-Cha Teas

Eco-Farmed High Mountain Oolong Tea

Eco-Cha's source of Eco-Farmed High Mountain Oolong is the most remote and natural setting of a tea farm that we have seen in Taiwan. Located on aboriginal land, adjacent to Yushan National Forest Park, it's got a lot going for it — thanks to the husband and wife team who manage it. Our spring batch of tea is a 50/50 blend of two days harvest from their two plots of tea. These two days of spring harvest were entered separately in this year's national organic tea competition, and both received awards.

Eco-Farmed High Mountain Tea Farm

This area has been a favorite mountain getaway for us over the last three decades, and when we finally met the caretakers of a plot of tea that we've observed over that time, a sense of destiny was made tangible. It's a long story that simply can't be told in full here, but suffice it to say that meeting this husband and wife team has been tantamount to a culmination of 30 years of roaming Taiwan's Oolong Tea Country. And we are making a documentary of their lives that brought them to where they are today.

The above images are of their main plot of tea, which they implement progressive organic farming methods in its management. Below is their secondary plot across the narrow, deep mountain valley. It is about 200 meters higher than their main plot, and is left to do what it does naturally. They only control weed growth and do not administer any natural fertilizers or pest control. 

Eco-Farmed High Mountain Oolong Tea Farm

We are deeply inspired to support the efforts of the wife and husband team, and are so very privileged to be their sole representatives on the international platform. Check the video for an assessment of this spring's produce, and the background of our relationship with this source.