Spring 2022 Looking Good for Taiwan Tea!
March 24, 2022

Spring 2022 Looking Good for Taiwan Tea!

Plum blossoms in Taiwan

The above photo shows the prolific cherry blossoms in the Shan Lin Xi Forest Park in February. This is just one scenic reflection of the "proper winter weather" we've had this year. It felt like the winter weather we experienced 30 years ago here in Taiwan. It was like climate change took a break, and Taiwan had a winter from the past! This cold and wet winter followed several months of regular precipitation, which pulled us out of the year-long drought prior.


Taiwan Reservoir Levels

Shown above are current reservoir levels in northern and central Taiwan. This is further evidence that Taiwan has had sufficient rainfall, along with traditionally low temperatures through the winter. This all bodes very well for the upcoming spring tea harvest! The tea trees were allowed to fully go dormant and take a proper rest. Now they are rejuvenated and sprouting forth a healthy crop!

And here we are giving you a live update from our neighborhood at the foot of the mountain below Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Tea Country in Zhushan, Nantou County, Taiwan. We'll keep you posted with updates on the spring tea season. Stay tuned! 

taiwan plum blossoms


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