Taiwan tea hybrid cultivars - Jin Xuan Oolong, Four Seasons Spring Oolong, Tsui Yu Oolong Tea
May 19, 2022

Taiwan Tea Hybrid Cultivars Spring 2022 | Eco-Cha Teas

Taiwan Tea Hybrid Cultivars spring 2022

Our spring 2022 batches of our Taiwan tea hybrid cultivars are now in store! All three of these teas are "Made in Taiwan", and have become popular tea types since they were introduced about 40 years ago. Jin Xuan Oolong is the most well known and most popular among tea lovers around the world. Four Seasons Spring has become the prominent cultivar grown at low elevation in Taiwan. Our Eco-Farmed Four Seasons Spring Oolong is sourced from a certified organic farm. We also source our Eco-Farmed Black Tea from this same farm. Tsui Yu has become rare in comparison. It has been proven to produce significantly less yield than the other two most common hybrid strains, and it has a relatively shorter life span. This is unfortunate, because its sort of Taiwan's best kept secret! Tsui Yu Oolong offers a subtle yet distinctive profile that makes a fine brew!

Taiwan Tea Hybrid Cultivars spring 2022

The photos above show Eco-Farmed Four Seasons Spring Oolong on the left, Jin Xuan Oolong in the middle, and Tsui Yu Oolong on the right. In addition to the definitive blogpost we published last year on these cultivars, you can watch the tasting video of our freshly harvested spring 2022 batches below!


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