The Science of How Tea Can Prolong Our Lifespan
November 26, 2018

The Science of How Tea Can Prolong Our Lifespan

Drinking tea can actually help protect the health of our DNA, which can prolong our lives. Research has shown that a healthy habit of tea drinking may extend our lives up to five years! 
A large group of older Chinese men who drank 3 cups or more of tea daily recorded longer telomere lengths, and almost five years of added life, compared with people who drank one cup or less. The study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, applies to green tea and black tea.
Chinese culture has recognized the health benefits of tea for centuries, but now the evidence is at the level of our DNA! Health research is investigating new ways to help preserve telomere length. Telomeres are the time keepers that cap every strand of DNA. Every time the cells divide, the telomeres get shorter. And telomere length is an integral indicator of the state of health and lifespan. By consolidating your telomeres, you can prolong your life.
Telomeres are highly susceptible to oxidative stress. The anti-oxidant properties of tea can be accountable for protecting the telomeres. Green tea packs a strong anti-oxidant punch that eradicates free radicals. Those are the primary culprits in aging. The active ingredient in tea is EGCG, which may prevent and repair cell damage. As a scavenger of free radicals, EGCG combats the effects of pollution, sunlight and smoking.
Drinking tea is basically preventive medicine. And as the adage goes: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Not only is it good for our health, but drinking tea improves the quality of our daily life. So treat yourself daily to multiple cups of tea, and your body will be happier on a cellular level!



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