Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea is Back!

March 03, 2020

At long last, our Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea is back! Our last batch proved very popular and we quickly sold out of it a few months ago. We scouted the local circuit for a replacement, and we finally found one we like!

Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea dry leaves

This batch of tea was sourced by our tea mentor and close friend Lisa Lin in Lugu, Taiwan. Lisa has been sourcing summer and fall harvests of Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong from her farmer friend in Lugu for years. These growing seasons are more suitable for making a more traditional, well-oxidized Oolong that can handle extensive roasting.

Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea brewed leaves from Eco-Cha Teas

Lisa skillfully roasted these leaves gradually over two or three months, coaxing the leaves into a balanced, full-bodied brew. She then brought them to a local charcoal roasting master to complete the task.

Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea brewed in a cup. From Eco-Cha Teas.

The final result is a robust, traditional Oolong character of tea with just the right amount of smoky notes to give it the "charcoal roasted touch". It's not overly roasted, but has a depth of toasted complexity to that makes it an exceptionally satisfying brew. Learn more about the taste and details of this tea in the video below.

We really like this tea and think you will too!  Grab some here and let us know what you think about it in the comments on the product page!

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