Lantern Festival, Calligraphy, and Taiwan Tea Culture

February 15, 2022 0 Comments

Chinese calligraphy on red door paper
The calligraphy on red door paper was hand-brushed by our tea mentor in celebration of the Lunar New Year. They were sent on their way to our supporters who ordered them. Tony chose an abbreviated line of a poem by the famous poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese is: 落日平台上,春風啜茗時. Our simple translation into English is: Sunset on the terrace. Spring on the breeze. Time for drinking tea.

Tony also gifted us a wonderful triplet of New Year's doorway adornments that was composed expressly for Eco-Cha (一口茶). You can read about the calligraphy, the custom of New Year's doorway decorations, and the lifelong friendship that created our brand here.

Classic Chinese poetry is replete with the theme of tea — from tea picking, to tea trade, to tribute tea for the emperor. But most often it is simply described as a precious commodity and an opportunity for sublime leisure activity.

We feel honored to be able to offer these to our supporters. We are eternally grateful for all that Tony Lin has given us over the past 30 years of our close friendship. This event has highlighted the fact that he is a central figure in our lives, and the main force behind our inspiration to share our experience of Taiwan's tea culture.

Lantern Festival 2022 Bamboo Mountain, Taiwan 

Lantern Festival is an event that takes place throughout the Lunar New Year, and culminates on Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵節), which is the first full moon of the Lunar Year. This day marks the final celebration of the Lunar New Year, and the beginning of spring.  So we take this opportunity to wish all of our tea friends around the world health, happiness, and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

Tiger Year


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