Review: Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Black Tea Review by SororiTea Sisters

November 24, 2013 0 Comments

The SororiTea Sisters have a great review up of our unique Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Black Tea. The SororiTea Sisters are very thorough and insightful with their tasting notes, they really get deep into this tea. 
We've posted some of the highlights below, click the link for the full review. 



"The flavor is incredible!  It is so deliciously sweet.  I am quick to identify vanilla notes – sweet and creamy.  As the tea cools slightly, I am able to notice a minty tone to the tea.  This minty flavor is especially noticeable when I slurp the tea, aerating it.  I even notice the cooling effect of the mint-like flavor too, it kind of took me by surprise because there is no mint in this tea … only tea leaves!" ~ SororiTea Sisters 

"In one sip, I taste a slightly earthy note, the cool, crisp tones of mint, a sweet, creamy note that is very vanilla-esque, the warmth of spice and hints of flower and fruit and wood...the complexity here is so amazing that you really want to experience it!" ~ SororiTea Sisters 

"It’s a beautiful tea, and definitely one worth exploring!" 

~ SororiTea Sisters 

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