Review: Jin Xuan Oolong Tea review by SororiTea Sisters

You will like this tea! A review of our Jin Xuan (or Milk Oolong) by the SororiTea Sisters. 

"In my “career” as a tea reviewer, I’ve tasted quite a few “milk Oolong” teas.  But this Jin Xuan Oolong Tea from Eco Cha has to be one of the finest I’ve tried yet." 

"More flavorful than a typical Milk Oolong.  This first cup tastes like it would be the second cup of another Milk Oolong.  This is an outstanding Jin Xuan!" 

"An excellent Jin Xuan Oolong Tea.  Definitely one of the finest Milk Oolong teas I’ve tasted." 


Read the full review of Eco-Cha Jin Xuan Oolong by SororiTea Sisters 

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