Review: Eco-Cha High Mountain Concubine Oolong Tea reviewed by Amanda Wilson

Concubine Oolong is a unique tea, read Amanda Wilson's (My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies) review below. 

Amanda takes time to go through multiple steepings and explore all the qualities of a tea. 

"This tea is quite fascinating and complex, I have had many oolongs that have nutty, floral, or vegetal qualities, but never all of them at once and so distinct."

 "The aroma is honey sweet with roasted almonds, sesame seeds, and pine nuts."

"This tea has a fascinating story behind it, its production depends on a small insect (a leaf hopper to be exact) biting the leaves of the tea causing the plant to have an immune response giving the tea a unique taste."


Eco-Cha Concubine Oolong Tea Review by Amanda Wilson 

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