Review: Red Jade Tea Review by Tea For Me Please

We're thrilled to have Nicole Martin of Tea For Me Please review our Red Jade Tea. 
Head over to her blog to read what she has to say.

There is lots of great tea content including Tea Recipes and a helpful Guide to Tea 

Thanks Nicole!  

Click on the links to visit Tea For Me Please and read their review of Eco-Cha Red Jade:  

BLOG: Tea For Me Please review of Eco-Cha Red Jade

FACEBOOK: Tea For Me Please on Facebook 

TWITTER: @teaformeplease 


“One of the first things I noticed about Eco-Cha was their commitment to responsibly sourcing their teas.” 

~ Nicole Martin, Tea For Me Please 

“The dry leaves of this tea were beautifully shaped. It was hard to believe how large they became once fully unfurled. I love Taiwanese black teas because of their subtlety and this one was a great example of that. It started off with a soft earthiness and spice that developed into a cooling minty aftertaste.”  

~ Nicole Martin, Tea For Me Please 



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