June, 21, 2020


Alishan High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong Summer 2020: Buttered Love

This batch of Alishan High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong summer 2020 harvest has a very pronounced buttery character. Starting with the leaves put into the pre-heated tea judging cup, they exuded a pronounced buttered toast/popcorn aroma. But the flavor profile is replete with an uncanny buttered popcorn note, it's almost unbelievable! How can tea leaves do this?! It's not only buttered popcorn either! There are distinct floral and vegetal notes that balance out the incredulous and delicious buttered popcorn flavor. OK, enough repetitive description! Click here to get your share. View full article →
June, 18, 2020


Competition Grade Wenshan Baozhong Tea Tasting Notes| Eco-Cha Tea Club

This is what an award winning Wenshan Baozhong Tea looks like, in its dry leaf state, of course. Notice the uniformity in the size and coloration of the leaves. The yellow hues are only in the spine of the leaves, which would naturally protrude into a stem, but the stems have been removed, along with the larger, lighter colored, over-matured leaf stock. This uniformity of leaf material offers a pure flavor profile. It allows for a complexity of aromatic and flavor notes, but it comes from a uniform stock which is essential in producing a purity of character. This is a fundamental aspect of competition grade tea. It's not muddled. It's refined. View full article →
June, 14, 2020


Competition Grade Wenshan Baozhong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Batch #55 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club is an award-winning Wenshan Baozhong Tea that was entered in the recent spring tea competition of the local Farmers' Association. Preparation for competition involves removing the bulkier stems from the leaves, and also sorting the leaves by coloration to achieve the most uniform stock of leaf material possible.  View full article →
June, 7, 2020


Tie Guan Yin Oolong Spring Tea Is Here!

Over the course of our chat, catching up on spring harvest, competition, and other tea related topics, we realized that this artisan of Traditional Tie Guan Yin Oolong is the single most patient and painstaking tea maker we know. The amount of time and serious labor he puts into making a very minimal amount of tea is just so far off the charts of any other type of tea production we've seen. Oh, and he won first place prize a year and half ago, amidst top 2% and top 10% prizes that he is awarded consistently in the Muzha Farmers' Association Traditional Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea competition. View full article →
June, 2, 2020


Li Shan High Mountain Oolong Spring Tea Is Here!

Our spring Li Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea is now in, completing the final installment of our spring 2020 Taiwan high mountain teas! Read on to find out more about this spring batch of Li Shan High Mountain Oolong! View full article →
May, 21, 2020


Wenshan Baozhong Tea Back in Stock!

We kept in close contact with our source of Wenshan Baozhong through the harvest, so that we could show up at his doorstep as soon as he was done processing his spring tea. View full article →
May, 9, 2020


Honey Hong Shui Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

This month's batch #54 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club is a Honey Hong Shui Oolong Tea sourced from our friends who have provided our Dong Ding Oolong Tea and our Small Leaf Black Tea in recent years. They also made Batch #33 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club which we shared in August 2018. Batch #33 was similar to this month's batch in that they were both made with the help of the Green Leafhopper. View full article →
May, 9, 2020


Honey Hong Shui Oolong Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

The Chinese "hong shui" means "red water", and the term has been adopted (or revived, depending on who you ask) as a name for heavily oxidized Oolong Tea. The name is used to designate a type of Oolong to stand on its own, and not be devalued by popular judging standards and marketing trends in Taiwan. The popular High Mountain Oolong Tea is a lightly oxidized tea with a bright golden, yellowish-green color. And even the competition standards set for Dong Ding Oolong Tea are a lighter golden-orange. But Hong Shui is, in fact, a proper tea on its own, and the level of oxidation is simply a variation in processing, not a fault or shortcoming in terms of its value. The processing methods to make this type of tea are actually how tea was made in Lugu (and many other places most likely), Taiwan, before tea became a commercial commodity. View full article →
May, 6, 2020


What's Special About Taiwan High Mountain Tea?

Wonder what makes Taiwan high mountain tea special? Find out as we take you behind the scenes in our latest sourcing trip for Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong! View full article →
May, 1, 2020


5 Easy Cooking with Loose Leaf Tea Recipes

With a lot of people stuck at home due to COVID-19, many folks are now cooking their own meals. To help out, we've compiled a list of five easy cooking with loose leaf tea recipes to add a different flavor to your dining experience. View full article →
April, 25, 2020


How High Mountain Oolong Tea is Sourced

How do we source our sustainable tea? Out of all the tea that's produced in Taiwan, how do we decide on what batch to buy? Find out as we take you along on our latest sourcing trip of spring Alishan High Mountain tea! View full article →
April, 10, 2020


10 Things Tea to Do at Home During COVID-19

Looking for something to do because you're stuck at home due to COVID-19? Well, it's never been a better time to learn about tea!  We've compiled a list of things to do to learn more all about tea from the comfort and safety of your home!  View full article →
April, 6, 2020


Early Spring Bi Luo Chun Green Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

We can see in the photo of the dried leaves above that they were hand-plucked while still very young and tender. This is evident not only by the size of the leaves, but also in the protective fur that is still on the whitish colored leaf buds. It is this stage of leaf growth, along with the heirloom cultivar of tea tree that give Bi Luo Chun its distinctive character among Green Teas — especially when it is from the first flush of spring tea buds!

View full article →
April, 3, 2020


Early Spring Bi Luo Chun Green Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

The earliest days of spring harvest are known to produce the most complex and delicately flavored Bi Luo Chun Green Tea. The leaves have more substance as a result of growing more slowly, combined with a fresh spring floral quality that comes from the plants entering their heightened phase of spring vegetation. View full article →
March, 15, 2020


Bi Luo Chun Tea Early Spring Harvest | Eco-Cha Teas

Freshly picked early spring Bi Luo Chun Tea is here! We added Bi Luo Chun Green Tea to our menu just last September and it has gotten a great response. So we planned ahead this year, and took a trip up northern Taiwan to visit the farms and factory as soon as the spring harvest season began to get more. View full article →
March, 13, 2020


Traditional Lugu Oolong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Batch #52 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club brings us back to our roots of local tea culture— since our introduction to Taiwanese tea began in Lugu, way back in 1993! Both the source of this tea and its flavor profile invoke those memories of our early days here in Taiwan. View full article →
March, 9, 2020


What Does Oolong Tea Taste Like: You'll Love This Interactive Tea Tool!

What does oolong tea taste like? With this fun and interactive tool you'll scroll through tea types to see tasting notes, region, roast levels, and where your tea falls on the scale from fresh and light, to rich, roasted, and mellow. View full article →
March, 7, 2020


Traditional Lugu Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Mr. Zhang's father cultivated tea on their homesteaded land in Xiaobantian, on the southside of Lugu Township, where he grew up in the midst of traditional tea making. At 20 something, Mr. Zhang decided to embody his local tradition by clearing his uncle's yet-to-be farmed land to cultivate his own plot of tea higher up and deeper into the mountains.  View full article →
March, 3, 2020


Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea is Back!

At long last, our Charcoal Roasted High Mountain Oolong Tea is back! Our last batch proved very popular and we quickly sold out of it a few months ago. We scouted the local circuit for a replacement, and we finally found one we like! View full article →
February, 25, 2020


Competition Dong Ding Oolong Tea Comparison

We did a taste comparison of Eco-Cha's spring and winter batches of Dong Ding Oolong Tea, along with the award winning batch from the winter tea competition. We source our Dong Ding Oolong from a family run farm in Yonglong Village. The father/son team have been consistent prize winners in their local competition for many years. Below is a photo of the son, proud winner of the Top 2% award in last spring's competition. He also received Top 8% Award in the winter competition. View full article →
February, 6, 2020


Light Roast Yushan High Mountain Oolong Tea Tasting Notes

The leaves brew an exceptionally substantial, smooth, balanced tea with a very satisfying savory/sweet profile. The brewed leaves put forth fresh, buttery green leafy aromatic notes, like sauteed Swiss Chard. The tea is viscous, with an evenly balanced complexity of warming spices and unrefined sugary notes — cardamom, palm sugar, and butternut squash come to mind. View full article →
February, 4, 2020


Light Roast Yushan High Mountain Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Batch #51 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club was sourced from an organic High Mountain Oolong Tea farm located at the trailhead to Taiwan's highest peak — Yushan, or Jade Mountain. This plot of tea is situated high up in a gorge that is the source Dong Pu Hot Springs.  View full article →
January, 15, 2020


Alishan High Mountain Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

Batch #50 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club starts off 2020 with a freshly harvested Alishan High Mountain Oolong Winter Tea from our ongoing source in Meishan Township. This very small batch of tea was their final day of winter harvest. The leaves were not yet fully mature, and offer a fresh, distinctly aromatic and complex flavor profile. View full article →
January, 12, 2020


Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea | Eco-Cha Tea Club

The photo above is this month's batch of the Eco-Cha Tea Club undergoing solar withering on November 11, 2019. This was the final day of winter harvest for our source of Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea, and we were able to procure enough of this very minimal batch to share with our Tea Club. This date was 3 days after Li Dong (立冬) in the lunar calendar, and the winter harvest of High Mountain Tea had for the most part been completed in central Taiwan. View full article →
December, 11, 2019


Charcoal Roasted Honey Oolong Tea Tasting Notes | Eco-Cha Tea Club

This summer 2017 crop of naturally cultivated and well bug bitten and matured leaves were processed as a traditional Oolong, which mainly means that they were well oxidized. The work that went into oxidizing these leaves was considerable as well as skillful. The leaves needed to be worked, and they got worked well! The result is a full-bodied, substantial brew that offers a very satisfying balance that starts with a mild smokiness, leading into a fruity body with mineral notes, and finishing with something reminiscent of old school Charms lollipops. It really does have a distinct plum powder/confectioner's sugar finishing note that is cushioned by that smoky mineral base. It's a mouthful! View full article →